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  We ship from PDX in Portland, OR.
Please note:

We don't have any control over what the airlines charge for shipping. We don't mark up the cost of shipping when you buy from us so what you pay is exactly what it costs to ship. The dynamics of flying has changed a lot in the recent years, including beginning to charge for passenger checked baggage in 2008. The cost of shipping rabbits has skyrocketed as well. We expect this trend to continue as the airlines struggle with their bottom lines.


These are the options available for shipping rabbits via air. This does not include:
-- Cost of the rabbit(s)
-- Required health certificate
-- Airline approved carrier
-- Required water and feed cups
-- Transportation to the airport

We ship our rabbits with enough feed to transition the rabbits over to your feed, a sample of the treats we give them and their toys. We suggest you bring along bottled water to fill their water cups up as it will most likely have been consumed or spilled during transit. We put a spare tray liner under the the existing liner so you have the option of trading the soiled one out as soon as they arrive.

The below costs are estimates for flights in the continental United States. Prices will vary some between carriers.


$275 and up

up to six rabbits
in a run


1 - As accompanied baggage. Besides being the most cost effective way to fly with rabbits, you are able to fly on the same flight with your rabbits assuring they make critical connections when you do. Rabbits are placed in a temperature controlled, pressurized area. The dates you can fly rabbits as accompanied baggage are September 15th through May 15th. These dates are not negotiable and do not change from year to year. The ONLY way you can move multiple rabbits during the embargo period is as cargo (see below).

Flights have a limit to how many runs they can carry on any given flight so advance reservations are critical. Even that won't guarantee space on the flight so it's best to arrive very early for your flight. You will need an airline approved container and a health certificate for each rabbit. Carefully read the marking requirements for the container. The airlines will require you to provide food and water for each rabbit in it's compartment adequate for a 24 hour period even if your flight is only four hours. Rabbits are loaded last and unloaded first. Most flight crews can verify the rabbits made the connections prior to taking off.

If you are routed through one of your carriers "partners", chances are good the rabbits won't be allowed on that flight without a surcharge. Not all "partners" will accept the rabbits as cargo so you have to verify each leg of the trip with each airline before booking. Many airlines do not haul rabbits as accompanied baggage or as cargo so it requires doing some research to identify carriers who can accomodate rabbits on their flights and what options are available.

$450 and up

up to six rabbits
in a run

(approximate costs only... this will vary by carrier, in addition to distance, weight, and dimensions of the airline approved carrier)

2 - As cargo. Because of 9/11, the airlines changed their policy to where they will only accept live animals from and to main hubs. They will not service smaller airports. It's critical to book on the most direct path possible to keep plane changes to a minimum. Someone must be on the other end to receive the rabbits when they land - this person must be specifically identifed when the reservations are made. Rabbits flown as cargo must have the minimum and maximum temperatures confirmed by your vet (an additional fee on the health certificate) and the route verified by specialists at reservations to ensure the temperatures will not exceed the recommended min/max allowed. Sometimes even when the temperature range has been certified by your vet, the airlines will not accept live animal shipments if it's outside the range the company has set. Please note: If the projected temperatures exceed the min/max anywhere on the flight's route, your rabbits will not be flying that day. The airlines will require you to provide food and water for each rabbit in it's compartment adequate for a 24 hour period even if they are delayed somewhere for a longer period of time.

Since 9/11, the airlines have restricted how far in advance you can make reservations - often times no more than seven days prior and no less than 36 hours before they fly.


one way
one rabbit
3 - Carry-on baggage. Fly one rabbit with you. If you can fit the carrier beneath your seat, you are allowed to carry one rabbit with you. There is the same health certificate requirement as the other two methods. On the flights that will accept animals in the cabin, there is a limit to two warm blooded animals (that is total for the cabin which includes cats, dogs, rabbits, etc.) per flight. Advance reservations to carry a warm blooded animal on your flight are required.